June 8, 2007

Modern medical appliances presented by foreign companies to Heydar Aliyev Foundation presented to the Ministry of Health

Official presenting ceremony of medical appliances presented by famous companies of Germany Fresenius Medical Care and Karl Storz took place at Heydar Aliyev Foundation on June 8.


Representatives of Fresenius Medical Care informed Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP, the humanitarian aid presented consists of 2 autohemotransfusion apparatuses and 4 devices ensuring transfer of medicines with exact dosage. These devices, considered modern medical equipment and estimated 130,000 euro, are highly appreciated in field of modern surgery concerning application of new tech. Major function of autohemotransfusion apparatuses that have no analog is to assure restoration of blood the patient loses during operation. Transfusion of blood by this way completely excludes the risk of transmission of different viruses, including hepatitis B, C, HIV. The apparatus removes the need for donor blood, prevents a huge blood loss during the operation.


A device ensuring the transfer of medicines with exact dosage is vital to the oncologic ills needing to take medicine prescribed in certain dosage for long time.


First Lady of Azerbaijan expressed satisfaction with Fresenius Medical Care Company for presenting the valuable medical appliances that are very necessary for our country disinterestedly, recalled in frame of the cooperation started from 2006 the Company presented 10 hemodialysis apparatuses, totaled to 200,000 euro, to Heydar Aliyev Foundation which the latter presented to the Health Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


It was stated due to the modern endoscopic urologic devices, estimated 103,000 euro, presented by Karl Storz, a company popular with new surgery techs, to Heydar Aliyev Foundation the treatment methods will be improved up to the level of the world standards. These apparatuses are priceless in enlarging the diagnostic possibilities in adenoma of prostate gland in men, different urinary bladder diseases, acute and chronic kidney deficiencies and radical treatment of urologic diseases.


Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva presented the documents on officially granting the medical appliances presented to the Foundation by foreign companies to the Ministry of Health to minister Ogtay Shiraliyev, gave her recommendations.