February 15, 2013

The French media have highly valued the events held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in France

The French media have highly valued the events held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in France to promote Azerbaijan. Newspapers “The Latest News of Alsace“, “Alsace” and other mass media have printed articles under various titles stating that the exhibition and concert organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in  Melouse and Strasbourg cities of France have aroused great interest among the French and enriched their information about Azerbaijan.


In the article of the newspaper “Alsace” entitled “Cultural and tourism discoveries” by Ursula Loran, the correspondent  of the Days of Azerbaijan held in Melouse, underlines that the French have received information about the culture and history of Azerbaijan, which they had known little, and tourism lovers have set a new itinerary for themselves. The author further notes that the exhibits and video films displayed at the exhibition characterized Azerbaijan as, indeed, the pearl of Caucasus.


In another article of the newspaper entitled “The general public was very satisfied”, Director of the “Turissimo” Exhibition Hall in Strasbourg Phillip Meder stated that  the exposition was enriched due to the exhibits displayed at the corner allocated to Azerbaijan, which was for the first time represented in the international exhibition organized in 2013, and for the first time visitors gained the opportunity to know Azerbaijan and those who like to spend their summer holidays meaningfully were given the opportunity to travel to a country with developing tourism capacity and meeting modern requirements.


The article stated that Azerbaijan  was a country with rich culture. Author Genevieve Don-Angler said this was proved by the works of art and miniature, ceramic items, carpets, samples of embroidery and coppersmithery displayed at the exhibition.


The author informed that the second international wine festival will be held in Azerbaijan at the end of the year and France has been invited to this respected event as a guest of honour.


The article of the newspaper called “Turissimo celebrates the 20th anniversary in Strasbourg” talks about the international exhibition opened in the city and the infinite interest shown at such a respected event to Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire, noting that a number of French people expressed their regret  they had not known before such a country closer.


In an article entitled “The State Chamber Orchestra of Azerbaijan: classic and traditional music” widely published in  the newspaper “The Latest News of Alsace”, a regional medium,   it talks about the concert by Azerbaijan’s masters of art organized at Strasbourg’s grandiose music palace and the impressions left by this concert in the French audience.


The articles stated that the concert, which was attended by the general public of Strasbourg and European diplomats, aimed at promoting Azerbaijan, a country located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, and developing relations between our country, a member of the European Council, and France, and the activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in this direction was specifically noted.


It is stated in the article that  the concert directed by Teymour Goychayev, who has been very well known to French audience, talks of Azerbaijan’s rich music and culture. It is noted that  the high level of performance of works by European composers along with those of Azerbaijanis has surprised residents of Strasbourg and guests. They said they listened to such pieces of marvellous music for the first time and acquainted themselves with balaban and other musical instruments belonging to our nation. Performances in these music instruments had aroused an infinite interest in the French audience.


In the article of the newspaper “Azerbaijani music”, it widely talks about the concert by the State Chamber Orchestra of Azerbaijan organized in Strasbourg, noting that this concert gave the chance to become closely acquainted with Azerbaijan’s rich culture.


The music of mugham has been widely covered in the article.  It underlines that this music has widely spread in our country and loved by our people as an ancient music conveyed from generation to generation, and that in 2003, it was entered by UNESCO on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity.


Pictures reflecting the exhibition and concert organized in Melouse and Strasbourg cities were printed in newspapers.