July 4, 2013

Days of Azerbaijani Culture starts in Cannes

Inauguration of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture will take place today in Cannes. Within the project organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, distinguished features of the Azerbaijani culture – its history and contemporary treasures - will be presented.


Banners and boards representing Azerbaijan have been installed all over the city of Cannes and neighbouring towns.


Presentation of various projects is expected within the Days of Culture to be held until July 7. For the first time, Azerbaijan’s “Pyrotechnics Art” (d'Art Pyrotechnique) will be presented at the Cannes Festival. It should be noted that, grandiose fireworks presented in this Festival, which has been held since 1967, are accompanied by colours and music. On July 4th, the show called “Azerbaijan in music and colours” to be presented by a fireworks group from Azerbaijan will be accompanied by a waltz from Gara Garayev’s “Seven beauties” ballet, “Rast” symphonic mugham by Niyazi, “Shur” symphonic mugham by Fikrat Amirov, Muslim Magomayev’s “Azerbaijan” song, and other classic music and composer’s songs. A special partiture written for this show will be performed  during the festival.


On July 5th, Azerbaijan’s Jazz music will be performed with historic and contemporary tinges. Azerbaijan’s famous Jazz compositions will be presented by Shahin Novrasli, Isfar Sarabski and Sabina Babayeva.


On July 6th, an evening of classic music will be organized in France within the project of the Heydar Aliyev Centre aiming to immortalize our culture and popularize it in the world. On the same day, Soltan Hajybayov’s “Caravan”  symphonic project, an overture  from Uzeir Hajybayli’s “Koroghlu” opera performed by the Azerbaijan Symphonic Orchestra, as well as popular and composer’s songs will be delivered to listeners.


Every project to be presented during the Days of Azerbaijani Culture will give a chance to foreign visitors to closely acquaint themselves with our country’s old history, traditions and samples of art. During the days of culture, local residents and tourists will be given a chance to know Azerbaijan also through various exhibitions. Among these exhibitions, the “Maiden Tower” and “Gazelles” exhibitions arouse special interest. Small mock-ups decorated with patterns in national style by artists from various countries at the “Maiden Tower” exhibition aiming to popularize the Maiden Tower, one of the most ancient monuments of world significance, will be presented in the synthesis of different cultures and traditions.


Within the ecological project being held on the  initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the exhibition “Gazelles” is drawing attention with its singularity and the idea it represents. In order to draw attention to endangered gazelles at the exhibition to be held during twenty days,  mock-ups of gazelles have been prepared and  decorated by artists from various countries. Among these works, there are also works by Mehriban Aliyeva, the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and Foundation’s Vice-president Leyla Aliyeva.


The exhibitions “Cultural Treasures of Azerbaijan – the Pearl of the Caucasus” and the “Exhibition of Emotions”  organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation are of significance in terms of promoting Azerbaijan and its cultural treasures and contemporary art.


The “National Cuisine’s Day” presented to the accompaniment of a special show will be remembered with deep impressions about Azerbaijan’s culture of cuisine, hospitality and traditions. This project will give a chance to visitors to receive broad information about the history and philosophy of each sample of Azerbaijan’s national cuisine.


The program to be organized on July 7th will familiarize with Azerbaijan’s national movie history. On the same day, the movie “Arshyn mal alan”, one of the treasures of our national movie, will be presented in France.


The Days of Culture will end on July 7th with a concert program to be arranged in the open air. “Natig” Rhythm Group, the Azerbaijan State Dance Ensemble will deliver to the audience the rhythms of the Land of Fire, and ancient balaban and tar the art of mugham.


Within the Days of Culture, special publications prepared by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the Azerbaijani, English and French languages will be presented. These publications contain broad information about Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage, as well as old and contemporary Azerbaijan.