Vocational school №5 in Buzovna Settlement

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Vocational school №5 in Buzovna Settlement of the Khazar District has been constructed anew on the initiative of and with support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva attended the opening of the school, September, 14.


Vocational school №5 is located in a 1.2 hectare-area. Being in use since 1969, the school had trained lathe operators, barbers and financial accounting specialists until the reconstruction. After the reconstruction, in addition to outer view and logistics basis, the school’s specialization has also changed, and it has set a target to provide the personnel basis of the movie, theatre and other spheres of the culture and art with  professional technicians.


Studios provided with the latest voice-recording and mobile TV-studio shooting equipment with direct broadcasting capabilities have been created at the school.


The school has an assembly room, subject, make-up and decoration rooms, a tailor’s shop, a medical station, a library and other workshops. In addition to books related to culture and art, there are various types of teaching aids at the library.


A standalone sports complex has been constructed in the school’s yard. Mini-football, basketball, volleyball and track and field athletics equipment and gym apparatus have been provided here.


Movie and video-operators, scene lighting and make-up professionals, movie -TV fitters, voice operators, theatre, movie and TV-studio decorators, tailors and technicians on computer repair and service are trained at vocational school №5.


Education at the school is two-year. Number of students are now 160. In future, their number will be increased up to 320.