June 15, 2019

The 7th Mugham TV Contest comes to the end

The 7th Mugham TV Contest, held on the basis of a project by the Culture Foundation, with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, organizational support of AzTV Channel, with participation of the Culture Ministry, came to the end.


On June 15, the finals of the Contest took place at the Heydar Aliyev Centre.


At the evening of the 7th Mugham TV Contest’s finals, 7 khanendehs – Valish Mirzayev, Faig Akbarov, Ravan Gachayev, Zulfiyya Jabrailzadeh, Murad Rustamzadeh, Ilaha Rustamova and Khayal Huseynov - presented their performances. Mugham sections and tasnifs on Imadeddin Nasimi’s ghazals were performed.


Then, members of the jury – People’s artists Alibaba Mammadov, Arif Babayev, Mansum Ibrahimov, Sakina Ismayilova, Melekkhanum Eyyubova, secretary of the Composers Union, Honoured Person of Art Sardar Jafarov and the Contest’s executive director, secretary of the Writers Union Ilgar Fahmi were invited into the consultation room to name winners.


First, diploma winners of the contest were honoured. Two young singers – Suma Tapdygova and representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hussein Saba were presented a special award of the Contest.


Young khanendehs Ilaha Rustamova and Khayal Huseynov took the first place. The winners of the first place were presented a national garment set.


Murad Rustamzadeh and Zulfiyya Jabrailzadeh took the second place, while Valish Mirzayev, Ravan Gachayev and Faig Akbarov were third.


Members of the jury presented the awards to the winners.


The winner-khanendehs performed “Garabagh Shikastasi”.