August 31, 2021

Vagif’s Poetry Days held in Shusha come to the end

The programme of the second day of the Vagif’s Poetry Days too was rich in interesting moments.


Performances of People’s poets, including poets of middle and young generation, mugham artists were heard on August 31st, in the framework of the Vagif’s Poetry Days held in Shusha with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and a poetic composition called “From Nizami to Vagif” was presented.


First, the martyrs who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of the country were remembered by a minute of silence.


Speaking at the event, People’s Poet of Azerbaijan, member of the National Assembly Sabir Rustamkhanly underscored that the Vagif’s Poetry Days made everybody experience unforgettable moments. Saying “By coming to Shusha, we became enthusiastic, our heads stand upright, and we take pride in our history, and existence”, the People’s poet thanked Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the Azerbaijani soldier who have favoured us with this highness.


“Arranged these days, the Vagif’s Poetry Days are a holiday of our word, poetry, and our literature. Those impassable roads that we saw on the way to Shusha were passed by our courageous sons with the love of Homeland, with the love of Shusha in a short time, and reached these places. This is a matchless example of heroism. In fact, this is contribution by the Azerbaijani soldier to our literature, which has experienced very hard days in the course of the last 30 years. This is historical heroism shown by the Azerbaijani soldier. Yesterday, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief returned Vagif’s mausoleum to the army of words of Azerbaijan, as a result of this victory. Where the word and arm are together, the country is unconquerable. The people of word and art that are seated here today also have tried to always support the Azerbaijani Army, and inspire them to new battles. It’s so good today that our word and arm is united. The 44-day war too testified once more to this. But the best example of this unity was demonstrated by Azerbaijani President, Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev”, -said Sabir Rustamkhanly.


The People’s poet read a piece from his poem “Return to Karabakh”, dedicated to the Victory in the Patriotic War.


On the second day of the Vagif’s Poetry Days, poet Vagif Bahmanly, head of the Khazar section of the Azerbaijan Writers Union (AWU) Arif Buzovnaly, chairperson of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic’s Union of Writers Asim Yadigar, head of the “Ali Kerim Poetry House”, poet Ibrahim Ilyasly, head of the literary project “Soz”, poetess Nigar Hasanzadeh, press-secretary of AWU, poet Khayal Rza, poetess Rasmiyya Sabir, head of the World Young Turkish Writers Union, poet Akbar Goshaly, chairperson of AWU’s Youth Council, poet Faig Husein read their poems. Performances of winners of the Mugham International Contest Nisbat Sadrayeva and Khayal Huseynov were listened.  


The poetic composition “From Nizami to Vagif” made the event more colourful. Performances of People’s artists Mehriban Zaki, Parviz Mammadrzayev, Honoured artists Gulzar Gurbanova and Elshan Rustamov were met with applauses.


The Vagif’s Poetry Days were closed by the song “Karabakh, my Motherland”.


This event once more showed that Shusha is the cultural hub of Karabakh, a cradle of music. Yes, the Shusha palace soars again.