May 6, 2022

The First International Culinary Festival is held in Shusha

The First International Culinary Festival is held in Shusha. Expert cooks from various countries got together in Shusha - the cultural capital of Azerbaijan – with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the State Tourism Agency. At the Shusha First International Culinary Festival, which has become a festival of delicious dishes, antiquity of the city, its beauty and the Azerbaijani people’s hospitality are demonstrated.     


Expert cooks from Germany, Austria, China, France, Georgia, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey and Japan are introducing dishes of their countries to the guests at the International Culinary Festival, which will run untill May 8th. By participating in the master classes of professional cooks, guests will have a chance to learn fine points of preparing dishes. Various economic regions of Azerbaijan have joined the Culinary Festival.  International food experts as well as bloggers on food from Belgium, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Israel, Canada, Korea, Russia, Turkey and other countries are also participating in the event.


Not only dishes of world nations, but also material and spiritual values of various countries are presented in Shusha during the Festival. Based on this concept, pavilions to be set up at the festival are of different formats. Each pavilion salute guests by an architectural structure and national music intrinsic to individual countries, staging pieces from well-known works. During the festival days, visitors will be presented an artistic programme with participation of over 100 masters of art. Concerts and exhibitions are organized at the pavilions set up in the rest and entertainment zone.  


Examples of Azerbaijani national art are also displayed within the framework of the Festival.  The creative team of Azerkhalcha OJSC are making various interactive presentations on carpet-making traditions during the days of Festival. Here, a carpet-making process is revived, and each phase of carpet making process is staged on an interactive theatre show. Shearing and cleaning of wool, making yarn, dyeing them with natural dyes, preparing a loom, pulling a beam thread, weaving of thick pile and ordinary pile carpets, cutting of a carpet, and collection of a dowry are demonstrated to visitors.


Publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation on culinary are also presented at the Festival. A plenary action called “Shusha. A Spring Legend” is held in Shusha within the framework of the Festival, with participation of over 30 Azerbaijani artists and sculptors. Artworks created in nature will revive the current condition of a city once under occupation, and its magnificent nature.