May 9, 2023

President Ilham Aliyev visited Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi`s tomb in Jidir Duzu plain

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has visited Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi`s tomb restored by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the Jidir Duzu plain.


Assistant to the President Anar Alakbarov informed the head of state of the works done.


During the years when the city of Shusha was under occupation, the tomb of Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi in the Jidir Duzu plain was completely destroyed by the Armenians. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has started restoration works in the area this March. The tombstone of Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi, one of the most prominent personalities of the nineteenth century in Azerbaijan, poet, painter, calligrapher, music theorist, scientist-encyclopedist, has been restored.


President Ilham Aliyev laid flowers at the grave of Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi.