June 20, 2023

“An Evening of Mugham” Concert of the 6th International Music Festival’s takes place

The Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival continues. The Festival’s programme includes series of concerts comprised of various traditional and new music genres, an international scientific symposium, and a contest of music performers. The previous evening, an evening of mugham was organized at the Museum of Stone Annals. Music lovers travelled to the world of mugham, presented by renowned and beloved khanendehs who have played a big part in the promotion of the art of mugham. People’s Artist Mansum Ibrahimov, Honoured artists Tayyar Bayramov, Babek Niftaliyev, Sevinj Sariyeva, as well as Aytan Mammadova, Huseyn Malikov, Miralam Miralamov performed “Rast”, “Shur”, “Bayaty-Shiraz”, “Segah”, “Humayun”, “Shushter” and “Chahargah” mughams.


At the Museum of Stone Annals was also presented an exhibition comprised of photos of mugham performers. Filming mugham performers into his own camera, Uzbek photographer Husniddin Ato demonstrated his love for the artists by collecting their photos. 


On June 19, a concert programme took place at the National Conservatoire of Azerbaijan within the framework of the festival. Mahan Mirarab from Iran performed in guitar, while our fellow citizen Elchin Shirinov played in piano. Their performances were welcomed with much interest.


World-renowned performer of Afghan rubab and Indian sarod Daoud Khan Sadozai performed together with a music group at the International Mugham Centre, in the framework of the Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival. 


Regularly giving solo concerts, Daoud Khan Sadozai performs together with various musicians and well-known groups, as well as with his own ensemble. He manages to demonstrate the beauty of the classical and traditional folklore styles of his instruments, and classical ghazal with great tenderness and ornaments. D.Sadozai regularly participates in master classes and seminars in European countries. During 2019-2022, he was conferred on the Agha Khan Music Award for his merits in the development, promotion and preservation of the Afghan music.


The festival will continue until June 25th.