June 20, 2023

World-renowned performer Daoud Khan Sadozai performs in Baku with a concert programme

Another concert programme within the framework of the Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival was organized at the International Mugham Centre.


At the evening, world-renowned performer of Afghan rubab and Indian sarod Daoud Khan Sadozai performed together with his group.


First, saluting the audience, member of the ensemble Mathieu Clavell expressed satisfaction with performance in the concert programme in Baku within the framework of the Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival: “It is a great honour to participate in the Space of Mugam Festival in a country with such a rich music heritage. We want to thank all the organizers of the festival for creating such beautiful conditions to present Afghanistan’s traditional music. Although we have come from different countries, the universal language of music unites us. Here, within the festival, we have experienced this beautiful moment together. Regularly giving solo concerts, Daoud Khan Sadozai performs together with various musicians and influential ensembles (Jordi Savall, Ustad Farida Mahvash), at the same time, with his own group. He manages to demonstrate the beauty of his instruments, classical and traditional styles, a classical ghazal with great delicacy and ornaments. D.Sadozai regularly participates in master classes and seminars in European countries. He was conferred on the Agha Khan Music Award for his merits in the development, promotion and preservation of the Afghan music during 2019-2022.”


The festival will continue until June 25.