June 22, 2023

Winners of the 6th International Mugham Contest is announced

On June 22nd, total results of the winners who moved up to the 2nd round of the International Mugham Contest, held within the framework of the Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival, were announced.


The International Mugham Contest was held on the categories of singing and instrumental performance.


According to the unanimous opinion of the Jury, in the category of singing, Mohichehra Shahmurotova (Uzbekistan) was honoured with the award of Grand Prix. The 1st place went to Mirali Saryzade (Azerbaijan), with the 2nd place being awarded to Dashgyn Kurchayly (Azerbaijan), while the 3rd place was taken by Dostmurod Negmurodov from Uzbekistan.


In the category of instrumental performance, Vagif Tahmazov was awarded the Grand Prix. In this category, the 1st place was taken by Anar Velizade (Azerbaijan), while Shikhijohon Yoriev from Uzbekistan took the 2nd place, with Jahandar Mikayilov from Azerbaijan being in the 3rd place.


Awards to the winners will be presented at the closing concert of the Space of Mugam 6th International Music Festival to be held at the Heydar Aliyev Palace on June 25th.


Chairperson of the Contest’s Jury in the categories of singing and instrumental performance was rector of the National Conservatoire, People’s Artist Siyavush Kerimi, with members of the jury being chief editor of the magazine Songlines- a well-known music publication in the Great Britain - Simon Broughton, musician from Iraq, ud performer, UNESCO’s Peace Artist Naseer Shamma, founder and conductor of “Sogdiana” State Traditional Instruments Chamber Orchestra from Uzbekistan Firuza Abdurahmanova and, from Türkiye, chairperson of the International Traditional Music Council ‘s research group for Turkic Language World Music Abdullah Akat.


Along with Azerbaijan, 22 performers from Iran, Israel, Uzbekistan and Türkiye joined the Contest, including 12 performers in the category of instrumental performance, 10 in the category of singing.


Our country was represented by 5 performers in the category of instrumental performance and 4 in singing. Uzbekistan was very active in this contest. Selection was conducted among 10 participants who had moved up to the second round.


The Space of Mugham 6th International Music Festival was held with the organizational support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Culture Ministry, enjoying the support of the Ministry of Science and Education and the National Conservatoire of Azerbaijan.