July 14, 2023

Inauguration of Vagif’s Poetry Days takes place in Shusha

On July 14, inauguration of the Vagif’s Poetry Days took place before the museum-mausoleum complex of Molla Panah Vagif in Shusha city.


The opening ceremony was attended by state and government officials, renowned persons of science and art of the republic, members of the Unions of Writers of Azerbaijan, and young writers and poets.


Speaking at the event, first deputy chairperson of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan, People’s Writer Chingiz Abdullayev expressed his delight in participation in such a magnificent event in Shusha. Noting that Vagif’s Poetry Days were organized on an annual basis, the People’s writer talked about the creativity of Molla Panah Vagif, saying: “We are proud that we have had such poets as Nasimi, Vagif, Mikayil Mushfig, Huseyn Javid, who never gave up their positions. Our poets, writers have always been such. Today, we gathered at the mausoleum of our great poet. I thank each of you on behalf of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan, as this is an appreciation of the state, and the people. Had such writers not existed, there would not be the Azerbaijani literature. So many people wish to visit Shusha, as Shusha is the heart of Azerbaijan. I believe that such festivals will always be held here, and I think the enemy will never walk on these lands”.


Head of the Turkish Literary Union Serhad Kabakly said he was pride of being invited to the Vagif’s Poetry Days in Shusha, thanking the organizers of the event. Underscoring that he was in Baku during the days Shusha was liberated from the occupation, and that he would never forget the magnificent joy of victory he had witnessed here, Serhad Kabakly said: “To see people waving Azerbaijani and Turkish flags on the streets of Baku with great excitement and love was extremely joyful. I had been so much moved by what I saw that I could not help my tears coming down. After returning to Istanbul, I performed the prayer Shukur and prayed God that I could perform this prayer in Shusha. Thanks God, I had occasion to do that. The impressions I received today from the Vagif’s Poetry Days in Shusha I will take with me again to Türkiye. I am very proud of this”.


Then, speaking at the event, people’s Writer Vahid Aziz, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Khurshud Davron, Secretary of the Writers Union of Azerbaijan, poet-publicist Rashad Majid, poet-translator Salim Budagoghlu talked about Shusha’s magnificence, extraordinary nature, uniqueness, it’s becoming an address of international events, and holding its important place as “the cultural capital of the Turkic world”.


Thereafter, poems on the theme of patriotism, as well as those devoted to dear Shusha were told.

The event continued by a concert programme by well-known artists of the republic.