May 13, 2024

The Kharybulbul Festival comes to the end in Lachyn with a concert programme

Organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, the Kharybulbul 7th International Music Festival came to the end in Lachyn, May 13th.


The new concert programme entitled “Ashyg songs in new insonification” was organized in the open air, on the bank of Hakari River.


Poet-publicist, member of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan Ilham Gahraman, saluting all Lachyn residents, underscored that the 30-yeat long longing for the Homeland ended, and Lachyn started to enjoy joyful days. It was noted that everybody was amazed at Lachyn’s beauty today.


Highly appreciating the fact that the Kharybulbul Festival started in Shusha and continued in Lachyn, the poet valued this as a brother’s share of the fortress-city. Thanking the organizers of the festival, he invited all to watch the interesting concert programme.


People’s artists Aygun Kazimova, Nazperi Dostaliyeva, Tunzala Aghayeva, Honoured artists Ehtiram Huseynov, Lala Mammadova, Elnara Abdullayeva and others sang a duet with well-known Azerbaijani ashygs.


The Festival came to the end by the song “Whole Azerbaijan” performed by all participants.  


The Kharybulbul International Music Festival started on May 11th in Shusha.