June 14, 2007

President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva visited Zira settlement

Mehriban Aliyeva was welcomed by residents of Zira settlement as a native person. But Grandmother Badam was happy most of all for arrival of MP who has visited the settlement for many times for last 2 years. Visiting Zira Mrs Aliyeva was guest of this 80-year-old lonely woman, supported repair of her house and supply with equipment. Saying "You are my daughter, I am proud of You" Grandmother Badam sincerely met Mehriban Aliyeva.


Recalling the long list of works done in the settlement for last year and half the elderly noted so many works have not been done for long, residents, specially the youth having left the settlement because of problems are coming back.


Mehriban Aliyeva gave greetings of President Ilham Aliyev to residents, congratulated them on the Salvation Day. She emphasized reconstruction works are underway not only in the settlement and Azizbayov district but all over the republic, noted during visits to districts with the President she witnesses the changes ongoing in the regions, life standard of people has increased. She said taking into consideration proposal of residents 7-km part of the road between Turkan and Hovsan settlements will be asphalted these days.


Successors of Seyidmirdamet, who was one of authoritative residents of the settlement, invited Mrs Aliyeva to the tea table. Invitation was accepted with pleasure. Then a photo was taken with members of the family and residents.


President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation was familiarized with construction of the park complex and polyclinic under construction.


She was informed the park is built within 1,7 hectares not used before. Culture house, wedding palace and stadium will be constructed here. The culture house will include library, conference room, courses, computer rooms. Wedding palace will be available for 500 people in the same time. The stadium will have universal ground, lighting system and 200-seat tribune. The establishment is built by Youth and Sport Ministry upon the Programme of Action on acceleration of socio-economic development of Baku City settlements in 2006-07. The polyclinic built within that programme by Health Ministry will be opened in October. First Aid Station 18 and maternity section will also be created here.