June 15, 2006

President Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva familiarized themselves with construction and development works in Zira settlement

On June 15, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and his spouse Mehriban Aliyeva attended opening of several new units in Zira and Bina settlements of Azizbeyov district of Baku.

At the entry of Zira settlement, in front of the gateway built in national architectural style the residents sincerely met the President and First Lady, presented flowers to them.


Resident of the settlement, pensioner teacher Vasila Abbasova greeted the President and his spouse and said:


Welcome. I congratulate You on this great holiday - National Day of Salvation. I express my gratitude to You for the works You have done as a result of this holiday. I wish our state to be led always by an attentive leader like You, I wish You to support the works done for people. You gain very big assets today, implement very big works. I wish You success in this path. We hope and believe all Your plans will be realized.


In one of meetings Mrs Aliyeva promised that we will see in few years the settlement in fully another form, it will be changed positively. This is reality for us now and we see it. We express deep gratitude for this on behalf of the settlement residents and teaching staff of our school.


Settlement resident Nazim Mammadov said the reconstruction works implemented rapidly in the district lately caused high spirit of population, stressed personal initiative of Mehriban Aliyeva in this field as Member of Parliament.


ILHAM ALIYEV: I also sincerely congratulate you all on this holiday. It has a big symbolic sense that we are together in this holiday. Because every place, settlement of Azerbaijan must develop.


You know that I regularly visit regions and study the state as President. Regions development program is implemented. Program was recently adopted on development of Baku settlements and is under implementation. Because for long years settlements around Baku were not developed much. Social problems, domestic problems, education and health problems wait for their settlement.


New development era of all settlements around Baku starts today. Construction of roads, electric lines, schools, hospitals, polyclinics, sport complexes, parks - all these are our plans. The main is that people in places should willingly join these works.


As President I adopted all necessary decisions and take actions. MPs are involved in these actions. Big works were done in Azizbeyov district. But this is just beginning. We are as if laying foundation of these works in all fields. I am sure all settlements will be changed in a few years and people`s life will be improved, problems regarding gas, electricity supply settled. Children must attend to good school, high medical service provided if people need treatment. All issues people face in daily life must be settled in highest level. Very strong economic potential is required to do this. And this is being created in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan develops now with highest rate. BTC pipeline construction of which started by initiative of genius leader Heydar Aliyev that is already reality has been commissioned. This has vital importance for us, this is historical event.


Wages, pensions will be lifted, more funds allocated to other social fields. Thus, people will live better.


Religious figure akhund hajji Ajdar said prayer for soul of constructor of independent Azerbaijan, great leader Heydar Aliyev, said the believers always honor the memory of this great man. He said the President of Azerbaijan coming to Zira on this holiday is the first head of state visiting the settlement, wished health to the President and his family. He noted Mrs Aliyeva is lovely member of every family for works she does in this settlement.


ILHAM ALIYEV: Every place in Azerbaijan, in Baku is native to me. I am in Zira for the first time. The President also comes here for the first time. This is remarkable event. I will visit frequently.


Of course, as deputy of this region Mehriban comes here often. She actively works since the day of election as MP.


Then, President Ilham Aliyev and Mehriban Aliyeva came to the center of the settlement. They were sincerely welcomed here, presented flowers.


Resident of the settlement Sabir Aliyev congratulated the President and nation on commissioning of BTC pipeline. He said: our enemies were suspicious about this project. But due to foresight, will and intellect of our great leader this issue was solved and it will bring prosperity to our people. Heydar Aliyev has always been pride for us, may God rest him in peace.


President Ilham Aliyev emphasized commissioning of the pipeline is historical event for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani people will live in welfare for decades.


Teacher Gulzar Gojayeva said on behalf of residents: Dear President and Mrs Aliyeva, who is loved in all Azerbaijan, in Zira, in every settlement of this district and leader of world Azerbaijani women, I sincerely greet You on behalf of residents of Zira aging thousands of years. You are loved and sincerely waited everywhere. Your special care and attention to our settlement is evident. We are deeply happy that You are here today. We really are very proud. We sincerely congratulate You on National Salvation Day, wish You long life and health.


Zira residents said Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva was elected honor resident of the settlement upon unanimous desire of the residents.


President of Azerbaijan and his spouse saw the memorial board set on initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the settlement to talented pedagogue, people`s artist Baba Aliyev who was born in Zira and taught tens of youth secrets of painting. Members of family of the artist thanked the President and First Lady and presented the self-portrait painted by Baba Aliyev to Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


President Ilham Aliyev and his spouse were taken photo with residents.


Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva informed Azerbaijani President: in my last meeting with residents they said there is no hospital in the settlement. This was included in state program and there will be kindergarten in a part of this big building in front us, construction of which is incomplete and in another part there will be polyclinic, hospital and maternal home. Construction is likely to start soon.


Mrs Aliyeva noted within this area the park, rest corner will be built here by the Foundation, bust of great leader Heydar Aliyev will be set, other social and sport units constructed.


Executive director of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Elekberov gave detailed information to the Azeri President on project of constructions.


President gave recommendations and instructions on timely completion of construction works.


The President, interested in life, major occupation of residents, was informed 80% of employed population works in units of State Oil Company. Wages have been lifted for several times in this structure lately. Every family got land area, deals with individual farm.