January 29, 2018

“Azerbaijani corner” is created in the framework of the Snow Polo World Cup in Switzerland

An “Azerbaijani corner” was created in the framework of the Snow Polo World Cup held in the city of St. Moritz of Switzerland.


Works of sculpture and painting by Azerbaijani art figures, national carpet examples, as well as books related to Chovken game and other different themes were demonstrated in the corner created in the area where the tournament was taking place, supported by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and with organizational support from ARAF. Moreover, visitors were presented Azerbaijani sweets, national tea table, local wine brands, gutab, and other delicious diversities of our national cuisine.


Pieces of national music were performed in the Azerbaijani corner by “Natig” Rhythm Group.


The teams “Azerbaijan the Land of Fire” and “Badrutt’s Palace” competed in the tournament for the cup “La Martina”. Being one of the strongest polo teams, the Azerbaijani team won with the score of 5:4. As a result of this victory, the team ”Azerbaijan the Land of Fire“ won the “La Martina” cup, having taken the third place.