August 13, 2009

Regional Information Center for physically handicapped persons to be created in Nakhchyvan and Ganca cities

The next phase of the project implemented by Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and UNDP to enhance access of the disabled to information and communication technologies is underway. 


Regional Information Center will be created in Nakhchyvan City in this phase. The Center will embrace physically disabled persons in the city and 7 districts of the autonomous republic.  


Equipped with up-to-date technologies the Center will have reading hall, learning and training section, audio library, recording studio transfering literature fund into audio format, computer hall assuring Internet access, finding and acquiring information on Internet. Library containing the audio book fund of 50 names will be enriched by the recording studio.


Local network of 20 computers will be created in the Center ensured with high speed Internet, Braille displays, 2 reading machines, Braille printer, reading device playing publications of various languages installed for blind people. Electronic enlarging devices for visually impaired persons will be set on computers, books with large fonts published, subtitle films for the deaf and dumb shown, computer games for mentally retarded people organized. Internet site of the Center will include ‘Acquaintance’ section as well. The Center’s 2-floor building includes all facilities for those with invalid carriage.     


A corresponding center is being established in Ganca City as well. The Center will serve over 60.000 physically disabled living in Ganca, Naftalan cities, Agstafa, Dashkesen, Gazakh, Gedebey, Goranboy, Goygol, Shemkir districts.


The first project aiming at assurance of active participation of the physically disabled in society, expansion of their access to information and communication technologies to get information and improve their knowledge, increasing their employment was carried out in 2005-2006 by Heydar Aliyev Foundation and UNDP. Within the project a respective center was arranged at the republican boarding school for blind and visually impaired children.