February 11, 2008

English-language book talking of realities of Garabagh published in London

English-language book talking of realities of Garabagh has been published in London due to support of Foreign Affairs Ministry and Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


The event organized at the Embassy on this occasion was attended by representatives of embassies to London, British international research centers, local Turkish and Azeri communities, Azeri and alien students getting education in different universities of Britain, freelance researchers interested in Azerbaijan and the region.


Speakers assessed the next book “From series of Realities of Garabagh” as the next significant step towards informing the world community of Azerbaijani realities, a valuable work of research from standpoint of propaganda of national, historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. They mentioned the Book contains well-established arguments specially for aliens proving that Daghlig Garabagh is historically Azerbaijani land, provides, referring to the historical sources, detailed information about the past and present state of Albanian architectural monuments that were Armenianized later. 


It was emphasized the Book will become an essential source for foreign researchers and scholars concerning Garabagh problem.


In the end of the event, a documentary about national, historical and cultural monuments of ancient Albania was shown.