May 17, 2023

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation presents: A book and an exhibition dedicated to Navvab

This year is the 190th anniversary of talented poet, artist, music critic, philosopher and pedagogue Mir Mohsun Navvab (1833-1918), one of the prominent representatives of Karabakh’s literary world.


An exhibition called “Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi –19th century encyclopedist scientist» presented by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the building of the madrasa on the territory of Yukhary Govhar Agha Mosque, which was inaugurated recently in Shusha, a publication called “Weapons collection of Mir Mohsun Navvab and manufacture of weapons in Shusha”, and restoration of Navvab’s gravestone, which was destroyed by Armenians while Shusha was under occupation, were additional contribution to eternalizing Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage and history.


The exhibition dedicated to Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi is displayed in the building of madrasa on the territory of Yukhary Govhar Agha Mosque, of which ornaments were once made by him. Navvab’s private arms collection embodying Azerbaijani art of arms related to the 18th – 19th centuries and preserved at the National Museum of Azerbaijani History, books authored by the poet, for which he had drawn an illustration, and printed in his private print house in Shusha, as well as exhibits reflecting his activities in the spheres of music, chemistry and astronomy are showcased here. Diagrams on astronomy drawn by Mir Mohsun Navvab, who had been engaged in this field, as well as schemes related to the location of cosmic bodies and solar eclipses are presented in the exposition.


Although different books were printed about Navvab’s activity as an artist and music theorist, there was no publication that would reflect his activities on the whole. Following the initiative and enjoying the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and with close participation of the Culture Ministry, a book called “Weapons collection of Mir Mohsun Navvab and manufacture of weapons in Shusha” was printed for the first time. The book describes Navvab’s biography, his life and creativity, shedding light on his educational activity. The book is dedicated to Mir Mohsun Navvab Garabaghi’s legacy not known so far – the collection of Azerbaijani arms he had gathered. Archive and museum materials were used in the compilation of the book. Over a hundred photos, drawings, schemes and maps are presented in the book, published in the Azerbaijani and English languages, most of which are published for the first time.