Saatly Mosque in Shusha

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Located in Shusha, Saatly Mosque was restored by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


The mosque was built on the basis of a design by architect Kerbalayi Safikhan Garabaghi in 1883. At the place where Saatly Mosque - an architectural monument of the 19th century - was built, were adjoining buildings of a madrasa and mosque where Molla Panah Vagif gave lessons.


While the city of Shusha was under the occupation, Saatly Mosque too was destroyed by Armenians. Restoration works started in December 2021. Financially supported by PASHA Holding, the conservation and restoration works were carried out by a consortium of Azerbaijani, Italian and Turkish companies, under the supervision of “Wehdorn Architekten” company of Austria, following the mosque’s primary architectural style.  


Interventions made during the occupation were removed, and works were carried out on reinforcing the walls. Moreover, works on reinforcement of the front column were performed, and the mosque’s floor was restored.


As a result of the analyses conducted, primary colour of the patterns on the minaret were determined, and the minaret was restored according to them, maintaining all the ornaments to all their fineness.