A Sport Complex in Zira Settlement of the Khazar District

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Construction of the Zira Sports Complex started in October 2011 and ended in April 2012. The 2-hectare Complex includes buildings particularly designed for sports, establishments, secondary buildings. Improvement works were done around the building, roads asphalted. The complex complies with the FIFA standards. Chess, checker, boxing, wrestling halls were prepared according to recommendations of Azerbaijan Sports Federations. The 2-building Complex has the following rooms and halls:

1. VIP room;

2. VIP tribune (to watch football matches);

3. Winter garden – lobby;

4. Working room specially designed for visitors;

5. Administration rooms;

6. Boxing, wrestling halls, gym;

7. English and French learning rooms;

8. Chess and checker classes;

9. 2 coaches' rooms

10.  2 locker rooms

11. Doctor's room;

12. Shower, medical points.

The lobby on the ground floor features a bas-relief of national leader Heydar Aliyev and a board of photographs reflecting the great leader's activities in the sphere of sport.

English and French rooms were equipped with computer, projector and earphones. Wrestling hall has 2 special mattresses and a rope. Special boxing bags and ring were installed in the boxing hall.

Special building was constructed to organize football matches according to the international standards. The building covers doping control, doctor's, coaches', referee's, massage, locker rooms, shower and separate medical points for athletes and viewers.

Football stadium includes a special pitch meeting the international standards. The pitch was manufactured by Italian company LIMONTA. The qux sand (160 tons) was brought from Egypt. Green rubber granule (80 tons), goals were brought from Italy.

The stadium has an electronic board (3x5), loudspeakers, speaker management and commentator systems. The field will be illuminated by 28 meter height 4 projectors.

The stadium seats 1512 viewers. The roof of the place for viewers was covered with a special membrane.

The Complex has an Internet cafe.

The Complex features 10/04 kV 2x1600 KVA substation building, 800 KVA generator, boiler houses for electricity, water and gas supply, 25, 50, 100 m³ reservoirs. The mentioned objects were equipped with new, modern devices.

To assure the Complex with permanent water supply, 2 water wells were dug, a special OSMUS system – filter installed.

200-m distance gas pipe was built for the gas supply at the Complex, heat, ventilation and air conditioner systems set up.

3000-m2 improvement and verdurization works were carried out around the Complex.