Adjutant General of His Majesty. Epos about Huseyn Khan Nakhchyvanski

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In 2006, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation published the book “Adjutant General of His Majesty. Epos about Huseyn Khan Nakhchyvanski” by well-known Russian scholar, writer and historian, Professor Rudolf Ivanov. The book talks of  the life and military courage of our eminent countryman, conferred on 20 awards of the Tsarist Russia and 9 foreign orders, who had commanded Russian Army’s well-known regiments.

The book starts with a foreword by author Rudolf Ivanov. The author notes that, in his 34-year military and fighting life, Hussein Khan worked his way up from cornet to the highest rank – adjutant-general of his Majesty. Huseyn Khan served for 20 years in the Cavalry,  led the 2nd Dagestan Cavalry during the Russian – Japanese War and, after the war, the legendary 44th Nijegorodskiy regiment. The 1st World War revealed new talent of a military leader in Huseyn Khan Nakhchyvanski.

The work is based on unique archive materials.

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