A collection of publications “Cultural heritage of Karabakh”

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The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has prepared a collection of publications under the title “Cultural heritage of Karabakh”. The collection was presented on June 15, 2021 in Shusha. The collection contains 5 publications covering such types of art as literature, music, architecture, popular art, and carpet-making.


In the publication “Popular art” is talked about the popular arts that occupy one of the most essential places in the rich creativity of the people of Azerbaijan and are associated with its life and household. Having existed since old times until these days, this type of art covers a big area starting from the people’s garments to various household goods and to decorations. Materials presented in the publication demonstrates that a number of spheres of art in Karabakh - an integral part of Azerbaijan, rich in raw materials, including wood-working, silkworm breeding, shoe-making, artistic embroidering, painting, cotton spinning, masonry, balacksmithery, leather works, pottery, carpentry, bast-matting, carpet-making etc. , have experienced a unique way of development.


Photos and information about the music heritage of the Karabakh region with centuries long history, which makes up an essential part of the Azerbaijani people’s cultural wealth, are collected in the publication entitled” Music”. Distinguished for its matchless tangible and intangible cultural monuments, Karabakh is considered the temple of the Azerbaijani music. Established in the 18th century, the Karabakh Khanate has given a strong impetus to the development of the Azerbaijani literature and art, and the music art in particular. In the publication related to the music heritage of Karabagh, the fact of Karabakh musicians’ playing an exclusive role in complex cultural and historical processes occurring in the 19th and 20th centuries, in the development of the region’s moral environment, as well as formation of the eastern-western music dialogue are shed a light on. Information and photos are presented in the publication about Karabakh’s ashyg environment, mugham, composer’s, and vocal schools.


In the publication “Literature”, information is provided about cultural wealth created by our people in Karabagh, which makes up a part of the ancient and rich culture, as well as oral and art examples are brought to attention. Various areas of the Azerbaijani art – popular music, ashyg art, the art of mugham and performance – have been through a special path of development. Names of areas on the territory of Karabakh in the examples of verbal popular literature are Azerbaijan’s seal on these lands. The theme of Karabakh has been widely talked about in the written literature of Azerbaijan. Information and photos are presented in the publication about poets/poetesses and writers of Karabakh.


In the publication about “Architecture”, information about the richness of the architectural monuments on the territory of Azerbaijan, in terms of shape, typology and construction, have been collected. In this section of the collection “Cultural heritage of Karabakh” is brought to attention information, photos and graphical drawings about the samples of architecture according to the time’s requirements.


Since ancient times, the favourable climatic conditions in Azerbaijan have pushed the development of carpet making here. Karabakh carpets have their special place among the Azerbaijani carpets. In the publication “Carpet-making”, information is given about the date of emergence of carpet making art on the territory of Karabakh, the technique of carpet-making, features of the Karabakh carpet group, underscoring that the carpets woven in this region were famous throughout the world.