September 9, 2014

A photo-exhibition called “Azerbaijan – A Land of Tolerance” is opened in the Israeli city of Yokneam

On September 9, a mobile photo-exhibition called “Azerbaijan – A Land of Tolerance” was opened in the city of Yokneam, south-east of Haifa. The exhibition is organized by AzIz Association with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the National Tolerance Centre of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


It’s been already several month that the exhibition is making a tour to Israeli cities. Inauguration of the exhibition in the city of Yokneam, where an Azerbaijani descent, deputy mayor Roman Peres works, was attended by the city management, deputies of the municipal council, and employees of the municipality. Visitors have made a kind of small trip to Azerbaijan thanks to the documentary made by journalists of the second channel of the Israeli Television who had travelled to our country within the framework of one of the projects of “AzIz” Association.


Then the host of the event, director of the Azerbaijani Culture Centre under AzIz Association Yegana Salman, invited mayor of the city of Yokneam Simon Alpasi to the scene.


S.Alpasi said: I had heard about Azerbaijan some 25 years ago. First repatriates coming early 1990s to Yokneam were from this republic by origin. Now, a lot of people from Baku are living in our city. As an example of how nice, well-educated and well-mannered they are, I can show my deputy Roman Peres.


Now I’ve quite a lot of information about Azerbaijan, and I’m amazed by this republic. Generosity and tolerance – all have to learn this from Azerbaijan”.


Taking the floor after Simon Alpasi, deputy mayor Roman Peres said: “19 years after I moved here, I again travelled to Baku within the delegation led by Avigdor Liebermann. I was astounded by changes I saw there. It is difficult to describethe beauty of Baku, which has turned into an ultra-modern European city with Eastern colours. While on the trip, we felt that our states need each-other, therefore our friendship and cooperation will become stronger day-by-day.” 


Then the guests listened to speeches of Tami Rubinova and Shaul Siman-Tov about the history of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan in the Hebrew and Russian languages.


At the end, guests were presented sweets by famous Natali Baker’s firm  established 15 years ago by people from Baku, and a concert by masters of art. Onlookers, majority of whom have never been to Azerbaijan, listened to songs from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev and Rashid Behbudov performed by Tomer Aliyev, performances by the folklore group “Dancing Pearl” led by  Panina Yaskova, as well as songs performed by Orli Abramova in Azerbaijani and Hebrew.