Zira Culture Centre

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The Zira Culture Centre has been constructed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation based on a special design. 

On December 30, 2015, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva and the Foundation’s vice-president Leyla Aliyeva attended the inauguration ceremony.


The Zira Culture Centre occupies 6 thousand square metres of area. The building is two-storied. A green area has been created in the gallery, different types of exotic plants, flowers and trees planted, kiosks built, and a water-sewage system created. The Centre’s foreign language room has been provided with all teaching aids for teaching the English, Russian and French languages. An electronic board has been installed in the study, with every pupil’s desk provided with state-of-the-art computer. IDEA’s resource centre at the Zira Culture Centre has been created on the basis of an idea of the International Dialogue for Environmental Action organization.


The most advanced technological equipment has been installed in the chess room to correctly shape logical thinking of those who would like to master secrets of this ancient game. The room has been provided with electronic chess boards. Through Internet, all games can be demonstrated on a monitor at a time.

The fashion studio too has been provided with up-to-date sewing equipment.

Created in the form of a museum, the Zira Carpet Museum too is located in the Culture Centre. Rare examples of the Azerbaijani carpet-making school aged over 150 years are cherished at the museum. Here are demonstrated samples of carpet, kilim and palas. Equipped with special familiarization system, the museum provides broad information about each carpet in the Azerbaijani and English languages. A Carpet Education Centre functions under the Carpet Museum. Here, practical and theoretical lessons are given about our carpets. People of different age groups attend these lessons. The education centre has been provided with accessories used in carpet weaving, and looms. To make lessons more efficient, the Centre has been provided with audio and video materials, books and magazines about the Azerbaijani carpet-making art. An artist’s room has been created for making carpet sketches and patterns used during lessons at the Centre. Here, over 30 apprentices will be taught secrets of carpet-making. Creation of a carpet factory is also planned.

A 3D cinema hall designed for 300 people functions at the Centre. Special acoustic system, licenced projector and illumination and ventilation systems have also been installed here. There are all necessary conditions here to hold concerts, music evenings, meetings, assemblies and presentations.


At the wedding house, registration of marriages will be performed, and events will be held in this connection. Medical examination of the newly-married and issue of certificates, registration of newly-born babies too will take place here. There are vast possibilities at the Culture Centre for arranging different ceremonies and entertainments for the newly-married.

There is also a gymnastics hall at the Centre providing for sports and rhythmic gymnastics trainings, and the hall has been provided with relevant equipment by the Gymnastics Federation. The art-studio here has the intention to attract talented youth of different age groups who wish to master secrets of painting. The studio has been provided with necessary equipment and painting accessories. Organization of master classes here in future by well-known artists is planned.

The electronic library has been provided with a centralized system, and over three thousand electronic aids have been downloaded into the database. The library has been made on a special design. For users’ convenience, books are let for free use.

The photo-video studio too has been provided with the most advanced equipment of digital technology. Up-to-date photo-studio-special background curtains, light systems and computerized photo equipment have been installed here. In addition to professional shooting and service, giving photo-video-montage lessons and coverage of ceremonies too are planned to take place here.

A conference room for 60 people has been created at the Zira Culture centre, provided with necessary equipment to hold seminars, trainings, meetings, presentations and assemblies.

One of the factors that augments the Centre’s unique nature is the creation of the Orchid House. Established for the first time in the country, this space has all necessary conditions for receiving up to 150 guests and holding various events. While designing the hall, various exotic flowers and tree compositions, as well as colourful orchid types were used.

An Eco-park has been laid out around the Zira Culture Centre. Covering ten hectares of area, the Eco-park has been developed on a special design. Here has been erected a 3-metre monument of the work “Heart”, of which author is Leyla Aliyeva. Laid out in an area of ten hectares, the Eco-park has been created based on a special landscape design. Vast greenery planting works have been carried out, thousands of different types of rare decorative and fruit trees, shrubs and flowers planted here. A child playground comprised of various types of amusement facilities has been created in the park, and training apparatus installed. Special roads have been built for electric cars and bicycles. Over 150 exotic birds in 25 names are preserved in the park. A birds park has been created here for their preservation and breeding. In addition, there are small artificial water reservoirs and ponds in the park. Irrigation of the area is carried out using a special system, and managed automatically.


Rest areas have been created in the park to ensure efficient spending of leisure, and kiosks were installed. The fountains square adds special beauty to the territory. Colourful illumination system has been installed on a stepwise shaped square.