December 7, 2011

Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva meets with Azerbaijani students of Russian higher schools

Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Chairwoman of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia, AYOR, Leyla Aliyeva met at the International Trade Center in Moscow with Azerbaijani freshmen of Russian higher schools, December 7.

Attended by more than 500 students from Moscow and regions of Russia, the event opened with a video on the activities of AYOR.

Congratulating the students on the entrance to higher schools, Leyla Aliyeva highlighted AYOR`s activity since its foundation four years ago. “Today, we have the courage to say that we have gained huge successes and results for this time”, she said. According to her, AYOR has offices in 60 regions of Russia. These offices actively operate and the number of the Organization’s members is growing. L.Aliyeva said: “AYOR tries to bring Azerbaijani youth together, as well help them integrate into Russian society, feel convenient away from the motherland. Each of you needs to understand that you can do a lot to develop Azerbaijan’s big culture, history, traditions, to feel the responsibility of honestly representing your homeland in Russia.”

The leader of the youth movement said the Organization held its 3rd conference in St. Petersburg this June, which discussed the future plans, initiatives and projects.

Mrs. Aliyeva highlighted the Justice for Khojaly campaign the Organization carried out with Heydar Aliyev Foundation to inform the world about the tragedy committed in February 1992 and killing civilians.

The Chairwoman of AYOR said: “AMOR also attaches a particular emphasis to healthcare projects. I want to emphasize our “Blood has no nation” blood-donation campaign, also “Make sure you are healthy, say “no” to disease” actions. In frame of these actions ill persons are examined and treated for free. We have also launched programs to fight against AIDS, drug and alcohol addiction, and smoking. Our activists visit different higher and secondary schools, give lectures, make presentations, help the youth be aware of negative consequences of dangerous habits, live a healthy lifestyle. AYOR supports all initiatives from youth in the field of sport. A mini football tournament is yearly held for the Heydar Aliyev Cup and we are glad that the number of participants in these competitions increases. We also back intellectual games such as “Club of the Funny and Inventive” and “What? Where? When?”. We would be very glad to see in these games those who do not participate yet.”

Leyla Aliyeva also touched upon the International Dialogue for Environmental Action, IDEA, saying it was aimed at drawing the public attention to environmental problems, protecting environment, animals, planting a tree. “The key idea of this campaign is that we try to find a creative approach to every job we do. For this reason, participation of the youth in that campaign is necessary. Here is our slogan: “One Earth – One Future”. I call on you all to join this campaign. We will do everything possible to save our planet.”

Talking of the magazine published by AYOR, L.Aliyeva said the magazine talks about Azerbaijan’s ancient history and rich culture, folk traditions, great poets, writers, composers, raises issues interesting the youth. The third issue of the magazine has already been published. The site of AYOR actively works. On this site, our youth can communicate, know each other and get useful information.

The Chairwoman of AYOR mentioned Heydar Aliyev Foundation has recently opened the Azerbaijan Cultural Center at the Foreign Literature Library in Moscow. Azerbaijani language, history and literature classes, lots of events will be held at the Center. “We will welcome there not Azerbaijanis only, but everyone interested in our country, traditions, culture. The day before yesterday, we visited the Institute of Asian and African Countries of the Moscow State University, where we held an event on the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Azerbaijan’s state independence. I was surprised by students’ fluency in Azerbaijani language. That was really a huge present.” underlined Mrs. Aliyeva.

Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva stated AYOR has good results and successes. It is common work of the youth. She said: “Frankly speaking, when AYOR was founded I did not know that our youth are so active and love their country so much. Almost every week initiatives are made to hold an event like the Azerbaijan Culture Days, workshops, celebrations at higher schools. It makes all us happy and encouraged.” L.Aliyeva promised on behalf of AYOR to do everything possible to help and support students.

The AYOR Chairwoman mentioned in 2009 AYOR instituted an excellent student award, and this year a scholarship for students from low-income families. “This year, we will raise the number of students getting scholarship. I hope the excellent students will also become more.”

Azerbaijani Ambassador in Moscow Polad Bulbuloghlu said Leyla Aliyeva has been meeting with freshmen for the third year already and it has become a good tradition. Thanking the head of AYOR for the big and good works, the Ambassador noted a lot has changed after this organization was established and Azerbaijani youth have closely come together around its leader Leyla Aliyeva. He called on students to study well and deserve the homeland.

Rector of the Russian State Humanitarian University, Chairman of the Russian-Azerbaijani Friendship Society Yefim Pivovar said Azerbaijani students in Russian higher educational institutions play crucial role in strengthening the two countries` relations, including in the field of education. He said Russia is always ready to receive Azerbaijani youth trying to get good education and take care of them.  

Rector of the Moscow Socio-Humanitarian Institute Vagif Bayramov thanked Leyla Aliyeva for the attention and care to the Institute where people with physical disabilities study. He emphasized the establishment of AYOR has closely united the Azerbaijani youth.

Deputy Secretary General of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress Nemet Naghdaliyev highlighted the Congress` youth policy, and called the Azerbaijani youth to be more active in the Congress` activity. He said the basis of the establishment of the Congress and the policy on education of Azerbaijani youth abroad was laid by national leader Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev continues this policy supporting Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries. The Deputy Secretary General said: “Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Vice President Leyla Aliyeva make a valuable contribution to this job.”

The representatives of students expressed gratitude to Leyla Aliyeva for supporting Azerbaijani youth in Russia, said they are always glad to partake in all events of AYOR.

Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva presented “AYOR Excellent Student” certificates and awards to 34 students.