July 13, 2017

Opening of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture takes place in Cannes with organizational support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation

On July 13, Days of Azerbaijani Culture started in the French city of Cannes with organizational support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


In the framework of the days of culture, inauguration of the exhibition “Toghrul Narimanbeyov: The Melody of Colours” took place in the building of “Gare Maritime” Exhibition Pavilion.


Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the ceremony.


Speaking at the event, Assistant to the First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Executive Director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Anar Alakbarov said event of this kind, arranged by the Foundation in various countries and aiming to promote Azerbaijan, have been of significance in terms of acquainting with our country’s history and culture, and conveying true facts about Azerbaijan to the world.


Talking about the creativity of Toghrul Narimanbeyov, who has played a great role in the Azerbaijani fine arts, Anar Alakbarov thanked everybody who has made contribution to the realization of this project, including the city administration of Cannes.


Information was given also that presentation of a book about T.Narimabeyov’s life and creativity by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation was taking place in the framework of the exhibition. This book contains information about rare works of the artist being preserved in museums in Azerbaijan and abroad, as well as in his own archive.


Anar Alakbarov, bringing also to attention that Toghrul Narimanbeyov was a vocalist, underscored that the films about the artist’s creativity being demonstrated by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in the exhibition’s video section will allow to get to know him more closely.


Deputy mayor of the city of Cannes Franc Chikli, speaking at the event, said holding days of Azerbaijani culture has become a tradition here. He said both Azerbaijan and the city of Cannes have been attaching high importance to culture. F.Chikli, recalling the charter of friendship and cooperation between Cannes and Gabala, said the relations between the two cities covered economy, sports and education. At the same time was mentioned that cultures will be propagandized through tourism in future.


He noted that works being displayed at the exhibition will give a chance to residents and tourists of Cannes to get to know our country’s folklore and culture more closely. Such cultural events contribute to strengthening of the relations between the two countries further.


“The city of Cannes has been pleased with cooperation with Azerbaijan, and would like to extend it further. We are interested in broadening our relations further”, - said F.Chikli.


“Toghrul Narimanbeyov: The Melody of Colours” Exhibition will be open to residents of Cannes and tourists until August 1. Over 30 works of the artist are presented at the exhibition.


One can make himself familiarized with video materials about the artist’s life and creativity in a small cinema section. A zone in a national style has been also created in the exhibition hall area. Here, visitors are presented publications by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation about Azerbaijan and Toghrul Narimanbeyov.


A concert programme was arranged on July 13 in the framework of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture.


Speaking before the concert, Anar Alakbarov conveyed good wishes of First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva to the participants of the event.


It was announced that, being arranged in Cannes for the fifth time already , the Days of Azerbaijani Culture have given a chance to residents of the city and hundreds of tourists to familiarise themselves with the culture, art, music and the past and present of our country. In Azerbaijan, which has for centuries played the role of a bridge between cultures and civilizations, representatives of different nations and religions have lived in an environment of peace and friendship, and our country has become an international platform for multiculturalism and dialogue between cultures and religions. Azerbaijan has been known as a place where events of world importance are held. The fact that such reputable events as the 7th Global Forum of UN Alliance of Civilizations, the 4th World Forum of Intercultural Dialogue, the Baku Humanitarian Forum are held in Baku, signifies the high appreciation of Azerbaijan’s contribution to promotion of multiculturalism values. Azerbaijan’s hosting the first European Games in 2015 and the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in May this year testifies to our country’s equal approach to both eastern and western values.


Anar Alakbarov said our people has been treating the world’s cultural diversity with great respect, preserving its traditions, roots and history, bringing to attention that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has been implementing projects that serve strengthening relations between peoples and broadening intercultural dialogues, based on the principles of cultural diversity, tolerance and mutual respect.


It was underscored that projects implemented by the Foundation in France conveyed true facts about Azerbaijan to local population, arousing much interest in them. It was noted that days of Azerbaijani culture arranged in over 20 cities of France opened new possibilities for learning our countries, our peoples more profoundly, comprehensively, and for the development of relations in the humanitarian sphere. The Azerbaijan-France relations have been built on the basis of friendship, mutual interest and respect, and it has experienced rapid development in a number of areas. Ties have been established between state and private entities, bilateral relations strengthened. In a few recent years, 15 friendship and cooperation charters were signed between cities and regions of France and Azerbaijan.


Recalling the terrorist act committed last year in the city of Niece, which took the lives of many people, Anar Alakbarov said our country has been subjected to military aggression by Armenia and twenty percent of our lands are under occupation, ethnic cleansing is carried out in the occupied territories, and over a million people have become refugees and IDP.


“Our state takes a resolute stand against all manifestations of terror, which has become a terrible evil for the whole world. We believe all nations, mobilizing all their strength, will combat terror, which has been a threat to human security, democratic values, rights and freedoms of citizens, targeting innocent people”, - said A. Alakbarov.


The executive director of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation congratulated the people of France on July 14 – the National Holiday of France, wished them peace and tranquillity.


Then, chairperson of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan in France Jean-Francois Manuel, speaking at the event, talked about the high level of organization of events held in our country.


He mentioned that they appealed to the French president in connection with the killing of little Zahra as a result of provocation carried out by Armenian armed forces on July 4, saying that they called on him to mobilize forces towards restoring peace.


J.Mansel noted that the upcoming year of 2018 was important for Azerbaijan and that the 100th anniversary of establishing the first democratic republic in the Muslim Orient, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, will be celebrated next year in Azerbaijan.


Deputy mayor of Cannes Franc Chikli informed that friendship ties have already been built with our country. When countries share the same values, their friendship is stronger. Through the days of Azerbaijani culture, we propagate culture. Wars and terror first target all cultures, since culture is a beating heart of peoples, their identity and experience.


Saying “We take pride in Azerbaijan’s being in Cannes, and Azerbaijan is pride of being in Cannes”, - F.Chikli said relations between people have played a great role in strengthening the relation between the countries further. He presented a portrait of First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, drawn by French artist Olli Oliver Domin, to Anar Alakbarov, saying it was a special present of the city of Cannes to Azerbaijan.


Then, the event continued with a concert programme by Azerbaijani musicians.


The guests also watched the fireworks organized in the framework of the fireworks festival traditionally held in Cannes.


The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has been regularly organizing exhibitions, concert programmes, Azerbaijani village and other events that serve promotion of Azerbaijani culture, literature, history and traditions, as well as extending relations between countries and peoples. These projects open wide possibilities for learning Azerbaijan closer.


Days of culture organized in Cannes in a consecutive order allows to discover our country from different points of view. To date, such exhibitions as “Maiden Tower”, “Cultural Treasures of Azerbaijan, a Pearl of the Caucasus”, “Azerbaijani Carpets in Art”, “Ganja and Gabala: Two Cities Through the Lens of French Photographers”, “Under the Single Sun” etc. were held, concert programmes with mugham, classic and jazz music, and firework shows held.


In the days of culture, a true Azerbaijani environment is felt along the famous Croisette Boulevard of Cannes. So, in these days, the city of Cannes and the boulevard’s territory are decorated with banners and posters promoting Azerbaijan.