November 27, 2017

Presentation of the documentary “Light Coming Through the Window” takes place in Moscow

Presentation of the documentary “Light Coming Through the Window” took place in Moscow’s “October” Cinema, November 27.


Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the film’s ideological author and chief producer Leyla Aliyeva attended the ceremony.


The documentary “Light Coming Through the Window” has been produced with joint support from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Baku Media Centre. Oleg Shommer is the film’s scriptwriter and director.


Before the presentation of the film took place, Leyla Aliyeva, director Oleg Shommer and Alexandra Abydennova - one of the characters of the film, went onto the scene.


Noting that it took them about one year to produce the film, Oleg Shommer said: “The idea of making the film stemmed from Leyla Aliyeva’s question: “Why is there so much aggression in the world? After all, everyone deems himself/herself a good human being. Why then there is so much evil in the world?” We decided to answer these questions, and our characters too have answered these questions, more or less.” It was mentioned that the film’s characters are struggling against Evil, putting to themselves the question “What good act have I done today?”, and in most cases they take victory over the Evil.


The director of the film also talked about the film’s characters Vusala Karimova and Alexandra Abydennova, saying that these girls’ love for life may be an example for each of us. O.Shommer thanked the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Vice-president of the Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, and the crew for their contribution to the production of the film.


Leyla Aliyeva, thanking the audience for showing interest towards the film, as well as director Oleg Shommer, said: “I want to express my deep thanks to Oleg. The film turned out very sincere and real. This on-screen work is about the Good and the Evil. By this film, we want to say that we are interconnected, and we all are part and parcel of one unit. Doing good to somebody we do good to ourselves, and vice versa, when we hurt somebody, we hurt ourselves. What is important is that we have love in our hearts, and love is the greatest force in the world.”


The film’s plotline has been built on the struggle of the Good and the Evil. Watching the film, the audience makes themselves familiarized with a person who has lived 20 years in a prison and now started his new life by doing good every day of his life, and doctors struggling for the lives of children who suffer from oncological diseases. Another character of the on-screen work, despite moving on a wheelchair, studies at a higher school, engages in ball dances, prepares for Olympic Games, parachutes and, whereby, struggles for life, taking victory over the Evil.


The film reflects the life’s philosophy, the Good’s victory over the Evil, and human’s struggle for life.


The presentation ceremony was attended by Russia’s renowned cultural and public figures, students, and some of the film’s characters.