February 27, 2019

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva visits the Research Haematology and Transfusiology Institute

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva visited the Research Haematology and Transfusiology Institute named after B.A.Eyvazov.


Leyla Aliyeva was given information about the establishment. Having been in operation since 1944, the institute consists of three sections: the clinic, the central blood bank, and the science section. The clinic includes two haematology division for elderly, a child haematology, resuscitation and intensive therapy divisions, consultancy policlinic, a clinical and diagnostic laboratory, and preventive treatment for thalassemia division. In the science section of the institute, research works are carried out to study pressing issues in this area. Results of scientific studies are printed in influential local and foreign magazines. In 2017, a laboratory was created in order to conduct new immunohistlogical examinations at the institute, in the framework of the State Programme. Here, full differential diagnostics of malignant blood diseases, monitoring of targeted therapy are carried out and the prognosis of the disease determined. Now, there is no need for patients to go to foreign countries for the diagnosis and treatment of leucosis.


Leyla Aliyeva visited also the central blood bank of the institute. The bank has been dealing with collection, treatment, checking and distribution of donor bloods. 8 divisions of the central blood bank are operating throughout the republic. Marrying couples are medically examined here for thalassemia.


Leyla Aliyeva met with children being treated here, and talked with them, inquiring about their health, and methods used during treatments.


Leyla Aliyeva wished the children being treated at this medical institution quick recovery.