September 30, 2019

“LEYLA. FONS VITAE” poetic show is presented

“LEYLA. FONS VITAE” poetic show was presented at the Maksud Ibrahimbeyov Creativity Centre, in the framework of the 2nd Nasimi – Poetry, Art and Morality Festival, September 30.


Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva was among the spectators.


“LEYLA. FONS VITAE” is the first show produced with participation of Leyla Aliyeva and Leyla Beyim (Jafarova), a poet and playwright of an Azerbaijani descent living in the Czech Republic.


Fons Vitae (lat.) means the source of life. This term is a message by Solomon ibn Gabirol, a poet and philosopher of the 11th century, who lived in Toledo, a hub of tolerance between three religions at that time. Solomon wrote in Arabic, later translating them into Latin in the form of “Fons Vitae”.


Imadeddin Nasimi and Solomon ibn Gabirol lived in different times, yet in the same place of the Arab Caliphate, with similar religious roots and philosophy in their poems.


Before the show started, stage director, People’s Artist Vagif Asadov said that literary works of Leyla Aliyeva and Leyla Beyim have very close bonds. They too, as their predecessors, are trying to create a perfect human image in their quests, and see and find God’s greatness in human being. In the show, Solomon ibn Gabirol encounters Nasimi. Five poems of each poets are used in the show. These works are, in general, close to the spirit of Nasimi poetry, and contribution to the festival.


The director said what binds Leyla Aliyeva with Leyla Beyim is the idea. This idea once bound Nasimi with Solomon. Centuries have passed, and this idea again associates two people of word. The main idea here is a human.


Leyla Beyim, who was known to art lovers from the 1st Nasimi-Poetry, Art and Morality Festival with her immersive show “Victim”, said that the idea of the poetic show we have thought in the framework of the Nasimi-Poetry, Art and Morality Festival is to show the path the poet proceeded at his time, and his way of spiritual enlightenment.


The spirit of Solomon ibn Gabirol’s poetry passes the Nasimi poetry as a newly born star, the star of love, under the notion of time. Centuries pass, borders and languages change, yet the language of poetry and spirituality is the same... This is the rational seed of our future dialogue with Leyla Aliyeva. This dialogue is a reflection of ourselves, in terms of meaning. This means going through ourselves, and be absorbed in the depth of the “night” leading to light.


Then, the “LEYLA. FONS VITAE” poetic show was presented with participation of persons of science and culture, and poetry lovers.


At the poetic show, poems of the poetesses were told in the form of a dialogue, accompanied by a dramatic staging. Poetic competition of the two poetesses symbolically reflects the path of spiritual development and enlightenment of the lyrical character of the poets.


Fuad Osmanov was playing Solomon ibn Gabirol, while Oleg Amirbeyov revived the image of Nasimi at the show.


The show was welcomed with much interest by the audience.


Participants of the show, as well as guests of the festival noted that the organization of the festival dedicated to the great poet and thinker is of great importance not only for the country's cultural life, but also for the whole society in general. Underscoring the unique nature of the “LEYLA. FONS VITAE” poetic show, the guests congratulated both the poetesses, delivering them their best wishes.