February 25, 2011

Conference in frame of international information campaign 'Justice for Khojaly' was held in Moscow by the Representation of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia

Conference due to the 19th anniversary of the tragedy committed by Armenians in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly was held in Moscow in frame of international information campaign 'Justice for Khojaly' by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Russia, Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation in Russia, All-Russian Azerbaijanis Congress (ARAC), Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR) and OIC Youth Forum.


Held at the Bolshoi Petrovsky Hall of President-hotel Hotel Complex in Moscow, the conference discussed the works done within campaign 'Justice for Khojaly' to deliver the truth about Khojaly tragedy to the world community and punishing the guilty.


Opening the official part of the conference, Secretary General of OIC Youth Forum Elshad Isgandarov expressed gratitude to the participants for supporting the fair position of Azerbaijan in this issue. He stressed international campaign 'Justice for Khojaly' aims at achieving the justice for the victims of not Khojaly tragedy only but other ethnic cleansings too.


Leila Aliyeva, the initiator of this campaign, Chairperson of AYOR, Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, General Coordinator of OIC Youth Forum, addressed the conference.


She said the act of genocide committed against civilians in Khojaly, which massacred innocent people, including children, women and elderly, is the most horrible and bloody tragedy in the history of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict. She mentioned attendees of this conference and millions of people who support international campaign 'Justice for Khojaly' cannot be indifferent to the legal, moral and humane assessment of this tragedy by international community. According to her, this is a terrible injustice that the executors and clients of the crime committed in Khojaly remain unpunished.


L.Aliyeva said: ‘Our campaign’s goal is to provide the truth to the international community about the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict and unbearable conditions of refugees and IDPs. Our lands are still under occupation, Armenian murderers have mercilessly killed innocent people to get their disgusting goals. Achieving the recognition of Khojaly tragedy by the international community as a crime against humanity and act of genocide is a duty to every Azerbaijani, including me. This crime must not be repeated any more’.


Leila Aliyeva underlined Heydar Aliyev Foundation arranges events on Kojaly tragedy in 70 countries. The Foundation holds conferences, memorial ceremonies, publishes books, manuals, DVDs, makes films. As part of international campaign 'Justice for Khojaly', which was launched in 2008, hundreds of actions are held all over the world. Conferences, workshops, rallies are held almost in all EU member states, CIS, Asia, South and North America. A number of international forums have recognized Khojaly tragedy thanks to this campaign. A month ago, MPs from 31 countries recognized Khojaly tragedy as a crime against humanity on the initiative of the Foundation and OIC Youth Forum. Youth flash mobs are held today among leading universities in 20 countries. The new phase in our campaign started last year. The phase envisages the distribution of petitions and appeals addressed to the heads of state and government, OSCE Minsk Group, PACE, UN General Secretariat, world parliaments and international organizations and demanding the recognition of this tragedy as a crime against humanity and act of genocide.    


The Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation noted the text of the petition is available on our site and has been signed by over 140.000 people.


She stated today the Organization presents the new interesting version of its site. ‘Also today we present a book by Robert Arakelov. This book contains fair and correct information on Khojaly tragedy. One of the most important events of our campaign has symbolically been held in Moscow for several years. Because Russia has a potential to regulate the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict and can play a positive role in this question. Representatives of the Russian society were among those who first of all visited Khojaly and fairly evaluated the situation. For this reason, we are glad to see today the representatives of Russian society here and sincerely thank them for sharing our sorrow and supporting us. This horrible crime cannot be justified in any way. The nation of Azerbaijan has stood this tragedy with a heavy heart and we cannot allow such tragedy to be committed once again’, L.Aliyeva added.  


She expressed hope the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict will soon be resolved peacefully, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan will be restored, refugees and IDPs will return to native lands.


Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbuloglu spoke about the significance of the international campaign about Khojaly tragedy and activities of the country's leadership towards the fair settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict.


ARAC President Mammad Aliyev, Azerbaijani MP, writer-publicist Elmira Akhundova, Head of European Studies Department at Ural Federal University, professor Alexander Nesterov, Moscow Coordinator of campaign ‘Justice for Khojaly’ Kristina Mojayeva and Russian political scientist Alexei Vlasov mentioned different aspects of our country’s information policy for assuring awareness in the world on the tragedy of our people, called on being fair, punish the perpetuators of this bloody tragedy in frame of international law and universal norms.  


The participants signed the petition on 


More than 600 visitors, Turkish and Paraguayan ambassadors in Russia, delegates of diplomatic missions in Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry, intellectuals, scientific and creative circles of the capital, Azerbaijani diaspora, mass media, students of higher schools in Moscow and regions were present in the event.


A book titled 'Confession of an Armenian intellectual' by Robert Arakelov was presented during the event.


Campaign ‘Justice for Khojaly’ was continued by the youth in 27 regions of Russia at the initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and AYOR.