September 6, 2010

The Summer holiday camp organized in Ganca by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation for children suffering from diabetes is over

Summer holiday camp organized in Ganca for children suffering from diabetes within the Highest Care to Diabetes-Affected Children Project performed on the initiative of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO, MP, is over.


30 diabetes-affected children from Baku, Ganca, Sumgayit cities, Aghdam, Sheki, Barda, Tovuz, Shemkir, Bilasuvar, Shusha, Kalbajar, Lachyn, Gubadly and Dashkasan districts spent healthy 15 days and received cure at 5 star Ramada-plaza Hotel.


Press conference was held September 6 on the closing of the camp. Head of the camp Elmira Mirzayeva informed of events realized during 15 days. In frame of the project implemented since 2009, children affected with diabetes received psychosocial rehabilitation, development of their self-trust, self-defence, self-affirmation assured, as well they visited historical-worth seeing places in Ganca, Shemkir, Goygol, Dashkasan.


During the camp the children were suggested psychological contact, tolerant and peaceful conduct habits, analyzing and cognizing the state of itself and others around, some habits to regulate and manage the situation related to diabetes.


The camp included individual advices and psychotherapy, medical examination and treatment, group discussions, game therapy, painting, sports and intellectual contests.


Participants of the project realized under the motto ‘Living with Diabetes and Overcoming It’ perceived their right to take active part in management of society as its member. For this, they should change their vision on life and integrate into society.


For instance, Guler from Sheki district said: ‘In our village I am the only one suffering from diabetes and so far everyone used to look at me with wonder and curiosity. I could not stand those glances. This camp taught me to have a normal attitude on those glances’.


According to the camp’s head, the camp was organized upon a project with no analogue worldwide. Thanks to the next humanist action by Heydar Aliyev Foundation, hundreds of diabetes-affected children were integrated to the society. Served by 3 endocrinologists, 2 psychologists and 4 trainers in the camp, children were provided all medicines, large opportunities were opened for their cure in future. 


The conference was addressed by 19 year old Anar Muradov, Mirvagif Aghayev, the 13 year old IDP from Shusha, and 14 year old Emrah Aghamaliyev from Sumgayit. Joining the project for the second year, they mentioned the camp opened new doors in their life. Suffering sometimes from reproachful attitude by classmates, now they find themselves as useful persons after psychological training they received at the camp.


13 year old Mehriban Muradova from Bilasuvar has been suffering from this disease for 6 years. She said she accepts it as a lifestyle and does not feel shy. ‘I acquired this feeling at the summer camp arranged by Heydar Aliyev Foundation’ she said. She has a rest in this camp for the second year together with her brother Anar. Thanking to Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva for it all, M.Muradova considers herself as a useful person for her family and society.