September 25, 2008

IV World Youth Employment Summit continued in Baku

IV World Youth Employment Summit (YES) organized by Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Youth and Sport Ministry in Baku was continued at Gulustan Palace on September 25.


In the second day of the Baku Summit that has brought together 600 delegates from over 100 countries creation of 2 million new workplaces for the youth by 2012, adopting and implementing special state programmes in interested states to get this goal and other issues were discussed.  


Speakers noted there are still countries where daily earning of people is lower than $1. Over 90 mln children and youth cannot get education, medical and other social services. In some countries mass illiteracy has caused expansion of a number of diseases including AIDS. Therefore, attention must be increased towards solution of youth education problems, lifting their trade specializations, ICT skills and protection of their health.


They mentioned the special programme adopted by UN must render huge attention to lifting youth employment next years, reducing poverty in the world to the half at least, child and youth education. Speakers underlined necessity for involving the youth in settlement of ecological, education, healthcare and other issues to solve their unemployment problem.


Reps of Azerbaijani youth informed of successful realization of the state youth policy in the country, adoption of special state programme in this field, study of our youth in influential universities of foreign countries due to state funds, lifting ICT knowledge, expansion of business opportunities, purposeful policy implemented to lift their employment, child and youth parameters, their goal and role in integration of youth to the society.


Reps of youth and non-governmental organizations of foreign countries highly assessed works done by the Azeri Government and Heydar Aliyev Foundation in field of education and solution of youth problems, valuing it as sample to other countries.


In the second half of the day the Summit was continued in sectional meetings that covered discussion of participation of youth in state administration, creation of business incubators, expansion of YES net, involvement of youth via techs, assessment of small grant programmes and their influence, promotion of investments, direct foreign investments and youth employment, role of private sector in elimination of poverty, role of international organizations in social aspects of youth employment and other issues.


Interesting proposals were advanced concerning issues discussed in the Summit that will be sent to respective governmental bodies of participant countries for review and adoption of decisions. 


The summit will be closed on September 26.