May 15, 2013

Creation of the Khojaly Genocide Memorial Complex starts in Baku

Creation of the Khojaly Genocide Memorial Complex starts in Baku.

The Memorial Complex to be erected on the basis of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s project aims to immortalize the memory of the Khojaly Genocide victims and deliver the truth about the tragedy to the world society.

The project has been developed on a concept with a symbolic meaning. According to the concept, trees blooming late in February will be planted in the complex’s yard. This will symbolize the broken lives of the innocent people killed in February 1992. And the right-angled monolith surrounding the complex from four sides have been shaped in the form of symbolic hands trying to protect the Khojaly residents.

The mock-up of the Khojaly Memorial Complex is currently exhibited within the project “Mini Azerbaijan” organized at the Heydar Aliyev Center. It was presented to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Having made himself familiar with the project, President Ilham Aliyev gave his recommendations and instructions with regard to the construction of the complex.

At the Memorial Complex, facts about the killing of 613 people and complete destruction of the town by Armenian armed forces together with the 366th  Russian motorized infantry battalion on the night to the 26th of February 1992 will be presented. Structure of the complex, the environment created here and materials presented will allow to once more see the events occurred on that night in Khojaly and feel the horror of the tragedy.

The Khojaly Genocide Memorial Complex will be erected close by the “Mother’s Scream” monument erected to the victims of the tragedy.

The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has been holding regular events towards delivering the true facts about the Khojaly Genocide to the world society and recognition of this tragedy as a genocide against the Azerbaijani people. Within the projects so far implemented, facts about the Khojaly Genocide have been disseminated in various countries of the world, marches arranged, various actions, including a campaign for collection of signatures  to recognize the Khojaly Genocide were held on Internet. As a result, the scope of the true facts related to the Khojaly Genocide and number of countries recognizing this tragedy as a genocide is increasing year-by-year.

Creation of the Khojaly Genocide Memorial Complex is another step forward towards showing the crimes committed by Armenian armed forces while occupying the Azerbaijani territories to the world and making sure that these killings forever remain in future generations’ memory.