June 2, 2017

Official opening of the Baku Media Centre’s administrative building takes place

Official opening of the Baku Media Centre’s administrative building took place, June 2.


President of the Baku Media Centre Arzu Aliyeva and Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the ceremony.


A new and innovative company in the Azerbaijani media, the Baku Media Centre has been operating since 2013. In the past period, the company has prepared and delivered a number of audio and video materials using the cutting-edge technology, based on orders from state bodies and individual companies, made various video footages, and handed over materials to well-known broadcasting companies, creating a photo-chronicle of Azerbaijan’s beauties.


By commissioning the administrative building of the company into operation, the activities of the Baku Media Centre will be extended further, and improved.


Welcoming the guest gathered together for the opening ceremony, President of the Baku Media Centre Arzu Aliyeva talked about the successful large-scale projects of the entity, which has been operating for four years already. “I am confident we will again get together in this beautiful building to celebrate our future achievements”, - noted president of the Baku Media Centre.


Talking about the growing role of the social media and Internet resources, Director of the Baku Media Centre Orman Aliyev said this entity has implemented a number of interesting and mentionable international large-scale projects in the past four years under the leadership of Arzu Aliyeva. He emphasized that a professional team has formed at the Baku Media Centre, and they have been provided with cutting-edge equipment.


Then, a video footage talking about the Baku Media Centre’s activities was shown.


The Baku Media Centre could manage to demonstrate its potential in the filming and broadcasting of the first European Games, the 30th Championship on Rhythmic Gymnastics, Formula-1 race, the traditional Tour-d’Azerbaijan tournaments and the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, working together with European companies that have sufficient experience in this field.


Artist Rashad Mehdiyev, the author of the work “Dream” installed in the foyer of the Baku Media Centre’s building, talked about the state support provided to culture and art in Azerbaijan, detailing the works carried out by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation towards promoting our cultural heritage around the world. The artist emphasized that, since the first day of its activity, the Baku Media Centre has been supporting creative people, creating broad possibilities for their activity. Saying that he has created the work “Dream” inspired by this factor, the artist expressed confidence such projects will continue in the future too, and thanked Arzu Aliyeva for supporting this project.


Then the inauguration of the work “Dream” took place.


President of the Baku Media Centre Arzu Aliyeva and artist Rashad Mehdiyev unveiled the work.


This work personifies a strong-willed woman. Created in the stone-plastic style, the work incorporates ancient history and modernity.


Constructed in an original style, the building of the Baku Media Centre was accomplished over the course of two years. Bases, where equipment is shown and stored, photo and video filming pavilions and special store rooms for lighting equipment have been created in the building. Montage rooms, voice-recording studios and the archive of the Centre too have been provided with state-of-the-art technology. A closed depot in the backyard of the Baku Media Centre has been provided for special filming machines and equipment.  


Being awarded prizes of a number of international contests, the Baku Media Centre has put interesting documentaries filmed by the order of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation at the disposal of onlookers. The documentary called “Targeting Baku. How Hitler Lost The Battle For Oil”, made together with “C&C” Company of France a few years before, having been broadcast on the world renowned TV Channel “National Geographic” in 26 languages, could create sufficient idea in 26 countries of the world of the role  Azerbaijan’s oil played in the World War 2. The documentary “Eternal Mission”, which talks about the difficult fate of the delegation sent by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic under the leadership of Alimardan Topchubashov to the Paris Peace Conference, has won a great respect of onlookers. The film has been translated into the French and English languages. And the film “Under the Single Sun”, dedicated to the “Year of Multiculturalism” in Azerbaijan, has been translated into 6 foreign languages in order to give a broad idea of the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism in European countries.


All of these films were created under the leadership of President of the Baku Media Centre Arzu Aliyeva, as their chief producer.


Then, a photo was taken.