October 17, 2014

“Azerbaijani Camp” Exhibition: an exciting event in the centre of Paris

An article entitled “Azerbaijani Camp Exhibition or how one can sense it in Paris” talking about the “Azerbaijani Camp” Exhibition organized on Saint-Sulpice Square in the 6th District of Paris during 19th to 28th  September is placed on C4N website of France.


In an article, which touches upon the developing relations between Azerbaijan and France recent years, it brought to attention that the camp organized in Paris gave a chance not only to Parisians but also guests of the city to closely acquaint themselves with our country’s rich culture and traditions, and that the exhibition had aroused great interest.


It is further noted in the article that the crowds around the Days of Azerbaijan made even forget about the huge fountain on the square.


Known as a Land of Fire, Azerbaijan’s being a country with older history and cultural heritage among the countries of the South Caucasus, and holding of a number of events in many countries of the world to promote its lifestyle and traditions have been emphasized in the article.


The author stated that Azerbaijan – being a bridge between the two continents and incorporating Oriental elements and Western values, despite having been for long years kept under Russian and later USSR occupation, could preserve its old traditions, and that it was famous in the world for its silk and woollen products, including high-quality carpets.


In an article, where it is underscored that after regaining its independence in 1991 following the fall of the USSR, France has built close partnership relations with Azerbaijan, it is further emphasized that the exhibition “Azerbaijani Camp” organized in Paris was an obvious sample of strengthening cultural relations between the peoples of France and Azerbaijan.


It is further mentioned in the article that the corner related to the life and creativity of 12th  century great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi in the camp called “Cultural Treasures of Azerbaijan: A Pearl of the Caucasus” on Saint-Sulpice Square aroused much interest in Parisians and guests of the city and provided comprehensive and clear information about our country’s history and culture.


In an article talking about interesting performances of Azerbaijani masters of art, joyful mood stirred up by national dances and jazz music, an impression made by samples of our national cuisine was specially underscored.  


Information about copper items and lattices, paintings, teas and various types of wines, sweets, as well as books and booklets about the history of Azerbaijan, our culture and tourism capacity of the country was also given a place in the article.


At the end, the events held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation towards promoting Azerbaijan’s cultural values to the French were highly appreciated.