September 26, 2018

9th Maiden Tower International Art Festival is held in Baku

The 9th Maiden Tower International Art Festival is held in Baku. At the Festival, which will run until September 29, 17 artists are going to decorate models of the Maiden Tower by scenes made on the basis of great Azerbaijani poet Nasimi’s works. Each accomplished statue would demonstrate a special drawing style, and each artist’s decoration.


Thereafter, these author’s works would be demonstrated in various countries of the world, becoming a significant means in the promotion of the Maiden Tower. Organizers of the Festival have decided to turn attention towards the issue of protection of the environment.


The objective of holding this Festival is to promote the culture and art of Azerbaijan through tourists and guests coming to Azerbaijan from around the world, as well as to contribute to popularization of the Maiden Tower, a symbol of Baku, throughout the world.