February 13, 2008

Book ‘War Against Azerbaijan: Targeting Cultural Heritage’ presented in Paris

Ceremony of presentation of book ‘War Against Azerbaijan: Targeting Cultural Heritage’, published in English by Foreign Affairs Ministry of Azerbaijan and Heydar Aliyev Foundation, was organized February 13 in Paris by the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to UNESCO.


Chairman of UNESCO Executive Board, representatives of the secretariat, heads and employees of permanent missions of China, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, Philippines, Algeria, Senegal, Libya and Kazakhstan to the Organization, employees of the Azeri Embassy to France, reps of local Azeri diaspora and Azeri students were present in the ceremony.


Head of the Permanent Mission Eleonora Huseynova greeted the participants, underlined the world is aware of the problem Azerbaijan is having, 20 percent of our territories is occupied by Armenia, over a million of Azerbaijanis have forcibly been fired from their native lands by use of arm and have become refugee and IDP in their homeland, international organizations make efforts to peacefully resolve Armenia-Azerbaijan, Daghlig Garabagh conflict, which has not been settled so far. 


Designer and researcher of the book Kemale Imranly, First Secretary of the Foreign Policy Planning and Strategic Studies Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, via the slides on CD gave detailed information based on the historical facts about the book – creation of Alban monuments in Azerbaijani territories before Islam, efforts made by Armenians, got accustomed to forgery and slander, to armenianize those monuments, richness of Azerbaijan of historical and cultural monuments, existence of monuments of Paleolith, resettlement of hundreds of thousands of Armenians from Turkey and Iran in Daghlig Garabagh and other districts after Turkmenchay Treaty, brutal destruction of monuments, that were created by our people for centuries and inform of our history, in Daghlig Garabagh and 7 adjoining districts by Armenian invaders, also monuments and house museums of Khurshud banu Natavan, Molla Panah Vagif, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Bulbul in Shusha, hundreds of cultural monuments, culture houses, schools and kindergartens.       


A documentary, screenplay of which belongs to K.Imranly, was shown. Via the nature of Azerbaijan, archeological excavations implemented, the state of our cultural and historical monuments in our occupied territories before and after the conflict, a lot of historical facts relating our country, destruction of Azeri monuments in territory of Armenia and other issues the film gave the participants a clear idea of main intention of Armenians conducting the policy ‘Empire of Armenia from sea to sea’.   


In the end, questions of participants were answered, book ‘War Against Azerbaijan: Targeting Cultural Heritage’ and booklet ‘True Facts About Garabagh’, Heydar Aliyev Foundation published in English and French, were distributed to participants.


In the interview to the reporter of AzerTAg the author of the book said publication of this book dedicated to destruction of Azerbaijani monuments in territories occupied by Armenians and its presentation in European countries, including in France where Armenian lobby is more active, is of huge importance. It is necessary to organize here such an event to inform the French public of the present state of our cultural monuments in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories and Armenia, and it must be valued as a successful step.