October 9, 2012

Presentation of two books talking of the aggression against Azerbaijan was held

Presentation of books by Canadian author Scott Taylor called “Irreconcilable differences: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan” and joint authors Guram Markhulia and Shabnam Hajiyeva called “Long-suffering Armenia: myth and reality” in Romanian translation were held following the initiative of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Romania and with support from the Romanian Representation of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. 

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Araz Azimov, who was on a visit to Romania, representatives of diplomatic corps of foreign countries accredited in Bucharest, local supporters of Azerbaijan, representatives of the Turkish-Tartar Society, leading NGOs, research centres and the Union of Writers, local and foreign mass media people as well as Azerbaijanis studying and working in this country  attended the presentation ceremony.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador in Romania Eldar Hasanov talked of the role of these works in detailed and correct delivering of roots of the aggression policy pursued today by Armenia against our country and its consequences to the worlds community. The diplomat called the attention of participants of the ceremony to the constructive position of our country in peaceful solution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani, Daghlyg Garabagh conflict within international legal norms.

The Ambassador noted that great responsibility rests on the Armenian leadership. They have to prepare all strata of people to peace. Unfortunately, the Armenian authority has been pursuing a radical policy against growing up a new generation with common sense, who would wish solution of conflict and rehabilitation of justice. And this, in turn, prevents the conflict from being solved in a peaceful and just fashion,  as well as normalization of relations with neighbouring countries, in general, return of peace and well-being to the region.

Then author of the book “Irreconcilable differences: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan”, editor and founder of  Canadian “Esprit de Corps” magazine Scott Taylor  talked of his observations while being in hotbeds of the world conflicts, mass killings and ethnic cleansing committed by Armenians during its occupation of the Daghlyg Garabagh and 7 other surrounding districts. He noted that during his trips to Daghlyg Garabagh, he saw all buildings and cultural monuments in a destroyed condition, especially in Khankendi and Shusha, nationalist Armenians inhabited in the region with rancour and  hostile feelings against Azeris and Turks, and that this way of thinking, which was forcibly and purposefully fostered in common and educated people, is damaging the dialogue between nations, which would play an exclusive role in the solution of the conflict.

Scott Taylor said the fact that 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian military forces from the occupied Azerbaijani lands were so far not executed, was a great injustice in terms of international law. Touching upon the events occurred in 1915, during the Ottoman Period, he made references to memoirs of English and French consuls general accredited in that period  in the Ottoman State and said he did not see any reliable facts and arguments in those documents that would prove the claims of “Armenian Genocide”.

Noting that discussion of the faked “Armenian Genocide” issue at parliaments of foreign countries was a totally wrong act, Scott Taylor said today the world Armenian Diaspora, including the one in Canada, has been actively continuing their acts against Turkey and Azerbaijan, they are keeping the Armenian authority under their influence in order to realize their filthy ideology.

Having watched a short film talking of the book “Irreconcilable differences: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan”, participants of the event addressed questions to the Canadian author about the processes occurring in the Southern Caucasus, Syria and the Middle East.

Delivering a speech at the end, head of the Romanian Representation of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Igbal Hajiyev thanked Canadian author Scott Taylor for broadly depicting the aggression policy of Armenia against Azerbaijan aimed at ethnic cleansing and its grave consequences in our country, as well as for objective, fair and true attitude to the events. He talked of the continuous activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation towards supporting initiatives in respect of the truth about Daghlyg Garabagh, and called attention to the significance of such events.