Azerbaijani carpets

In 2011, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation published a collection talking of the Azerbaijani carpet-making art called “Azerbaijani carpets”.  The collection includes a brochure, 2 DVDs and a multimedia disk.

The brochure contains general information about all directions of the Azerbaijani carpet-making school and pictures of carpets related to each school.

The DVD named “Azerbaijani carpets” included in the collection contains  a film prepared by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation about the art of carpet-making.

The multimedia disk called “Pearls of Garabagh”  has been devoted to the Garabagh carpet-making school. The disk contains comprehensive information about the history of Garabagh, formation of the carpet-making school here and its features.

The collection includes also a DVD called “Trip to Azerbaijan”.

The “Azerbaijani carpets” have been published in the French, English, Russian, German and Italian languages. 

  • Tappeti azerbaigiani
  • Azərbaycana səyahət - 1
  • Azərbaycana səyahət - 2
  • Azərbaycana səyahət - 3