The book “Akhlagi-Nasir”

In 2009, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation re-printed the book “Akhlagi Nasir” by world-renown thinker, eminent Azerbaijani scholar with encyclopaedic knowledge Muhammad Nasiraddin Tusi with the Latin alphabet.

Considered as the source of morality and ethics in the Middle and Central Asia for centuries, the book “Akhlagi-Nasir” contains rich ideas, ethic and philosophic  thoughts of Muhammad Nasiraddin Tusi about human being, family, society, ethics, religion and public relations. The author’s spirit of writing has been preserved as much as possible while translating the work.

Published with fine design, colourful miniatures, the book  has been of exclusive importance in terms of  drawing attention to subjects that have not lost their topicality yet in the modern public life, while, at the same time, acquainting readers with the world of Nasiraddin Tusi.