The 2nd International “From Waste to Art” Exhibition

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During 16 to 20th June 2013, the “From Waste to Art” Second International Exhibition was held by “Clean City” OJSC, “Maiden Tower” Gallery and “Icherisheher” SHAPD at the Gala State Historical and Ethnographic Preserve with support from the HeydarAliyev Foundation.The primary objective of the exhibition was to divert people from wastefulness and make them abstain from habits to throw away used items they possessed before thinking once more.

People of art from France, Italy, the United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Benin, Albania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Russia participated in the exhibition.

As opposed to the first exhibition held in 2012, in this exhibition visitors could watch the process of turning waste into a piece of art right at the exhibition. 24 participants of the exhibition, 8 of them being Azerbaijanis, created their works during the exhibition.