Sarkar village child music school, park and a medical station in Samukh

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The new building of the Sarkar village child music school was constructed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.


Since 2002, the education institution had been operating in a single-storey building related to a collective farm, constructed in 1935. The school building had worn out during the past period, becoming unfit for use. Construction of a new school meant for 300 pupils started in July 2021. Construction works were completed in November of the same year.


The school building accommodates 29 classrooms, rooms for orchestra, choir and first aid, a wardrobe, a library, a canteen and an assembly hall. The education establishment has been provided with furniture, equipment and visual aids. The backyard of the school was renovated, greenery planting works were carried out and up-to-date illumination systems installed.


A green zone was created on the territory of the park commissioned in Sarkar village, and a child entertainment and sports groundswere built. Necessary facilities were created to engage in sports in the open air, and various training simulators were installed.


A new medical station was also built in Sarkar village. Comprised of a physician’s room, dressings station and technical rooms, the medical station has been provided with necessary medical equipment.