One cannot relate great policy to tiny senses and little profits.


Let people stand in opposition, but not against their country, their people, their morals or their beliefs.


The state is for the people, not the people for the state.


It is impossible to buy real morals even for millions or billions. But immoral men with millions, even billions have no value in the society.


History always puts everything in its just place.


The smallest country can be as strong as the biggest ones, if its peoples realize their rights and are able to defend them.


Freedom and independence are every people's national wealth.


Everyone needs to be able to respect others' ideas and benefit from them.


It is easier to prevent danger than remove its aftermath.


Every human being should find his place in life, but his right place, the place worthy of him.


No one can be a winner forever.


No country, even the greatest one, can develop its economy at proper level all by itself.


Whoever pretends to things that are beyond his knowledge and ability, is always defeated.


The more nations are united  in a state, the richer it becomes, as each of them contributes to the world culture and civilization.


Of all moral riches of humanity, religion’s distinguished feature is that religion has always called people to friendship, solidarity and unity regardless of their religious relationship.


Everyone has his own place in occupation. No one should occupy other's place.


One shouldn't consider any country his enemy.


In life, everyone chooses between honour and dishonour, personal welfare and social duty, greediness and honesty.


Justice can not be restored by injustice.


A state with strong economy is a mighty state.


To conduct peace negotiations with confidence, one must posses a strong army.


Imposing and honourable duties always fall on pioneers’ shoulders.


People who don't know their mother tongue are disabled!


Where there is wisdom there is no need for force.


A road means economy, culture, with one word, life.


Morals have always united people, as morals are more superior than the other basics.


However hard it is to gain independence, making it enduring and immortal is harder.


All our natural riches belong to the people, and no one has the right to misuse them.


It is impossible to hide the truth.


Citizenship is not defined by national denomination.


No citizen can remain indifferent to social and political life.


The unity of the people with the army makes the people powerful and the army stronger.


In general, the mankind has been existing and developing by creating and building.


A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.


A nation with great culture will always move forward, live and develop.


Culture enriches nations with the best examples gathered by humanity.


There is no more difficult road than the road to independence.


Relations in cultural and scientific spheres have a great influence on strengthening of friendly relations among countries.


A nation is always known for its intellectuals, culture and science.


People should always remember their roots.


Each page of our history is dear to us.


The history should be accepted, comprehended and valued as it was in reality.


Our history must be a lesson for us.


History keeps everything in its memory.


If injustice has been done to someone, this must be undone in a just way. To remedy injustice with more injustice is a great crime.


Sycophancy humiliates morals, ruins family and destroys responsibility for the native land.


We will never lose our belief and religion, and we will build our future relying on moral basics.


The advice, lessons and definite ways shown us by the Holy Qur’an are recommendations and requirements to call us to purity, loyalty, truthfulness, faithfulness, heroism, courage and bravery.


The progress of our society will, from many aspects, depend on what and how we teach our young generation.


One needs to have a moral right, in order to lead, i.e. teach and educate people.


Human beings must live for morality. A man able to defend and save his morality is immortal.


All people cannot be of the same size, all people cannot think the same.


Variety of thoughts is natural.


It is the nation's language that gives a life to and improves national and moral values.


Language is a great world.


Not to know a mother tongue, not to value it, certainly is a great fault before the nation.


Every nation is created with its language. But to immortalize the nation's language, to improve and raise it to the world culture level may be possible by endeavours of the nation’s leading people and persons of science. 


While fighting for freedom, the people have to make sacrifices. It happened in the past. It is happening today. It will happen in the future.


Every scholar is valuable. But the people who are able to connect theory with practice, translate ideas into practice and derive practical results from them, who bring certain benefits to the society, country and people, occupy a special place among scientists.


Distinguished personalities demonstrate the nation's intellect, science, culture and morals to the world.


Democracy means a change in peoples’ minds. This change doesn't occur by revolutionary means, it occurs gradually, by evolution.


A patriotic war is a war waged for the defence of the whole nation’s and every citizen's dignity and honour.


It is necessary to raise influence of intellectuals, men of art and scientists in the society.


Enlightenment may not be massive. A scientist, a poet, a composer, an artist, a writer, an actor - all these are unique people with innate talent.


National revival, national rebirth  and reanimation of the national spirit are necessary in order to gain national freedom.


Patriotism is an inner feeling of a person. If he is missing that, he is immoral.


One's pulse should throb in accordance with that of the Motherland.


Criticism has always mended matters.


The destiny of the People and the Homeland must become every person's destiny own destiny.